Way to Go

Alison Meriwether

Fairview Feed and Farm Supply

Fairview, Alabama


A Store Fills A Niche. A Bank Feeds A Dream.

A father and daughter make an unusual business partnership. But by making life easier for farmers in Fairview, they’ve made their business a success.

Alison Meriwether noticed there wasn’t a local seed and feed store in Fairview, a town with a large population of farmers and weekend gardeners. Working with her father, Spence Meriwether, who grew up on a dairy farm and is part owner in a wholesale feed company in Guntersville, she began plans to build a store in the heart of town to serve the area’s growing agribusiness. As members of the same church, the Meriwethers knew Charlie NeSmith, a Merchants Bank of Alabama, a division of SouthPoint Bank lender, and he also saw many reasons the Meriwether’s store would be a “win-win”. They were knowledgeable about farming and would be a good business risk. Just as important, their success could be good for Fairview, attracting new businesses to the area and bringing in more sales, property and income tax.

In 2013, Alison broke ground on their new building and now sells feed for every kind of farm animal and pet, as well as gardening and fencing supplies, cattle equipment and other essentials to customers who love the chance to shop locally. Alison runs the store with the help of one employee, and still makes frequent runs to her local Merchants branch in Fairview. With their store having an ever-growing inventory of supplies essential to a rural community, Alison is making plans to expand. She can see how Fairview Feed and Farm Supply could become, like their bank, a one-stop shop for people serious about making things grow.

“Merchants shared our vision for what our new business could be. They loaned us the money to build our building and start our business from the ground up.”


Merchants Bank

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